Give It To The Master / Cloned Duet

Here is a song the Lord gave me one morning about 10 years ago. I made two videos of myself in different clothes and guitar. I merged them together with Windows Movie Maker, using a multi-track recorder to record both tracks in unison. I hope you enjoy.

Lyrics: One little lad, and all that he had was 5 loaves of bread a few fishes How could it feed so great a multitude for while it was the lad's it would only feed him
Take what you have and give it to the master Take what you have and give for he will bless and multiply it take what you have and give it to him Jesus blessed it and it was given to thousands for one small lad did give Chorus Tag: (from unknown character)
what was little he multiplied it, and everyone there received their fill. Chorus Copyright: Words and Music

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