Tell the Lingerie Football League NO! to Nashville

The Lingerie Football League has plans to start a Nashville team in the near future, as reported by WSMV Channel 4 news. These women play football in underwear! They plan to start a Nashville team, in the 2012 season. We are asking mothers, daughters, fathers, concerned citizens around the world & Christians, to put a stop to this "league" from entering Tennessee; the sexualization/objectification of women which leads to rape, porn usage, and the trafficking of girls and women. Please sign our petition

below, so that we can prevent this "league" from coming to Nashville and in using the arena, and having women play football in their underwear! We need your help to put a stop to this. We need respectable role models for our girls, that teach them that it is the value of their mind that is important, not that they should be gawked at as objects. Please sign our petition here:

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