The Great Rance Allen! Please Give Him His Respect And Recognition. Rance Allen set the music world on fire between 1971 and 1974 with his electrifying recordings for the Stax-owned Gospel Truth and Truth labels. Hits like "Just My Salvation," "There’s Gonna Be a Showdown," and "Ain’t No Need of Crying" broke down stylistic barriers between gospel, rock, and soul musical styles as they never had before. Rance began playing piano when he was seven and picked up the guitar two years later. He credits gospel giant James Cleveland as his main influence, but also names Ray Charles and Chuck Berry. (When Rance works out with the guitar he employs many of Berry’s showstopping rock and roll theatrics.) "For a while there I was taking everything I heard and converting it so I could play it in church," Rance explains. No one objected to his eclectic approach at his home church where his pastor-grandfather encouraged his experimentation. "He gave me total freedom to do what I was doing. "When I used to go to different churches or somewhere strange, people were not used to what I was doing. I used to get some flack or bad things said about me, but every time something bad was said, someone would come along and say something good, and I just happened to remember all the good things and not the bad." The Rance Allen Group, with older brother Tom on drums and younger brother Steve on bass, made its first record in 1969. It was a self-penned song called "Let’s Get Together and Love," released on the Reflect label which was operated by a <b>...</b>

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