Daughter of Zion, Pastor Dr. Tamara Bennett {THE TRUTH ABOUT HELL!!!}

~Pastor Bennett Preaches on the sermon entitled "FIX ME" she demystifies HEAVEN AND HELL.... "there is a great gulf fixed!’ and once you cross into one, YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO LEAVE! Luke 16:19-26~ Dr. Tamara Bennett is the Pastor of This Is Pentecost Fellowship Ministries (TIP) of Sacramento, CA, and the Founder and Pastor of This Is Pentecost II of Oakland, CA. Experience an Anointed Difference through the gospel preached by Dr. Tamara Bennett. The ministry transforms and empowers sons and daughters with gifts, anointing and purified fruit, thus producing effective works for the kingdom. Embracing a Prophetic and Apostolic mantle, the congregation is provoked and challenged to stand upon their feet and become an exceeding great army. Wherever God sends the message of the ministry is evidence of the wealth of the doctrine of Jesus Christ. Since her tenure, the city of Sacramento have recognized and esteemed her accomplishments with the following awards and commendations: Honorary Doctorate from World Harvest Bible College; 1st Annual Glory Award from Sacramento Observer Newspaper; Pastor of the Month by Sacramento Gospel Journal and Most Beloved Pastor by Gospel Today Magazine and featured on the cover of Gospel Today as one of 5 "Phenomenal Female Pastors". She is also the CEO of the Daughters of Zion Enterpryz, Inc., where the late Mother Estella Boyd of Detroit, MI. is the honorary founder. The Daughters Of Zion Enterpryz, Inc. is a nonprofit organization which provides <b>...</b>

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