The Murder of God’s Son: A Prophetic Parable, Part 2 (Luke 20:9-18) - John MacArthur

Let's look at Luke 20...Luke chapter 20 and verses 9 through 16 is the parable that we began to study in our last session. Our Lord Jesus invented the most clear and powerful and stunning and sometimes shocking stories using very simple, very familiar, very common features and elements. He devised stories that were sweeping in their comprehension and profound in their depth and disturbingly convicting in their penetrating analysis of the condition of the listeners. There are about 40 parables of our Lord given in the gospels. One of my objectives in life, if the Lord allows me to do it, is to write a book on all the parables, to pull them all together in one book, the great, great parabolic teaching of our Lord Jesus. It covers so much great biblical material. We'll see if that ever happens.

But among the parables of our Lord, this one before us really stands out. It is a remarkable, remarkable story with very far-reaching and important sig

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