Youthful Praise - Jesus Reigns

New video single from Youthful Praise featuring JJ Hairston "Exalted....Live in Baltimore" available now on CD & DVD from Light Records. "Praise the Lord! This is JJ Hairston from Youthful Praise, sending you a little message about our song "Jesus Reigns". The song "Jesus Reigns" is a declaration song. It doesn’t talk about any of the problems or situations of this world, but rather it focuses clearly and only on the greatness of our savior. In our experience with the song there has been vibrant & exuberant praise and worship. We’ve had dancers dance with it, people singing & jumping with it, and God being glorified by it. We pray that the song is a blessing in your house of worship. It surely has been a blessing in ours. JESUS REIGNS!!!"

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