Happy and Joyful is She. Her Cup Runneth Over. The Bride

On 10/28/2010 I was awoken in the early morn.

I had a longing in my soul,

a longing for the Lord.

I was given an awesome understanding of the emotional essence of a Bride longing for her Groom.

The day approaches, she has been waiting for this moment all her life. She and her friends have dreamed and conversed about this day on a regular basis. Even before she knew Him, the idea of being a Bride intrigued her to her very core. She often feels as though this is the reason for existence. All her friends share the same emotion. She is in Love, In Love so strong that it hurts. She is exhilarated at even the thought of His Presence. She is elated at the even mention of His Name. She eagerly awaits every moment that she can spend with Him. She quietly sits at the window
with her candle burning ever so bright, longing for Him to stroll down her path. She has made herself pretty. She is adorned in White. Happy and Joyful is she. Her cup runneth over.

You are invited to the weddin

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