Am I in God's Good Grace?

The wrath of God is coming down.

We are seeing events that are written
in the the Holy Bible coming to past.

Earthquakes, floods, disasters, revolts and
mysterious deaths are occurring on
what seems to be a weekly/monthly

People of non-peaceful religions are
killing innocent people
every week. So called Governments of
Democracy are taking away citizens

Beating hearts are
strategically stopped by so-called
doctors everyday,

We are warned in the Bible that there
would be tribulations at the end
of the age. I see many people taking
heed of the impending disasters and
seeking and returning to God.

I see many proclaiming that they
are walking with Him, but continue to slander
others and walk in the flesh

Which raises the question,
how do I know that I am in God's
good graces? It is a valid question,
and one I have asked many times.

With so many different
and doctrines in Christianity,

one claiming this, one claiming

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