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Partisan Prayer-Praying to End Abortion

www.priestsforlife.org Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, continues his reflections on praying to end abortion. Fr. Pavone starts this video by asking the question "Is prayer non-partisan or does it have a political angle to it?" He goes on to state that "…God is not a Republican or a Democrat, and prayer pertains to the human person no matter what their characteristics are. So in this sense prayer is trans-partisan meaning it rises above political divisions." But this is not the final answer.

Fr. Pavone goes on to ask the next series of questions; "If a political party came into power intent on destroying people, would you not pray that they go out of power, or that they would have a conversion? If a particular candidate who was going to be harmful to the nation was about to take office, wouldn't you pray for that person to be defeated?" To which the answer is, of course, Yes.

Fr. Pavone closes the video by saying "Of course prayer has a political angle. We pray that prolife people would be elected to public office, and we pray that those in public office, those who claim to be public servants, will know the difference between serving the public and killing the public. This is a very legitimate and necessary dimension of our prayers…It's not that prayer should be ever reduced to one or another of its dimensions, whether political or otherwise. But prayer deals with real problems and looks for real results, and that is why yes, prayer is even political."

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