Part 4: Walter Brueggemann sad Bible verse, pharaoh anxiety

Part 4: Scholar/author Dr. Walter Brueggemann at Bethany Lutheran Church in Ishpeming, Michigan on Oct. 9, 2007 during visit to northern Michigan

Well-known Biblical scholar and author Dr. Walter Brueggemann brought a modern meaning to Old Testament scripture during an October 2007 talk to hundreds of people at the Bethany Lutheran Church in Ishpeming, Michigan.

Dr. Brueggemann makes a compared the anxiety and scarcity caused by Egyptian leaders - the Pharoahs - to the consumerism and greed of today.

An Atlanta area resident and theologian spoke of what he considers “one of the saddest” passages in the Bible:

Earth keeper volunteer media advisor Greg Peterson has the latest in a series of reports on Dr. Brueggemann message on modern messages found in the Bible.
Time: 10:00
Dr. Brueggemann's Upper Peninsula talks were co-sponsored by Lutheran Campus Ministry, the interfaith NMU EarthKeeper Student Team, the NMU departments of Philosophy and English, the Northern Great Lakes Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and Bethany Lutheran Church in Ishpeming.
During his visit to northern Michigan, noted Biblical Scholar Walter Brueggemann spoke at Bethany Lutheran Church in Ishpeming.

Dr. Brueggemann spokes about various traditions in different Christians churches - like the tradition of “passing the peace” - and in this case Brueggemann was at a Lutheran church.

That’s when people pause during their worship service and shake the hands of people who are sitting in the same area - and say: "The peace of the Lord be always with you. Let us greet one another with a sign of peace."

Or - “The peace of Christ be with you."

However the passing of the pace is sometimes shortened to four simple words: “Peace be with you.”

The passing of the peace - comes after the assurance of pardon - Lutherans
(The Assurance of Pardon is a recitation of promises directly from Scripture on the basis of which the assur

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