Pastor Marcus Wade Prophesy Conference in Deridder, LA. & West Lake, LA

Greetings in the lovely name of Jesus Christ from DeRidder, Louisiana. We hope and pray that all is well, as all is well with us. Every since our Prophecy Conference and Revival with Bro Ashcraft and Bro Leach, our faith has been very high and God is moving in a mighty way. We had three young men receive the Holy Ghost during the revival and several notable miracles and healings. One man's knee was completely locked up with torn cartilage and ligaments. God completely healed his knee without any type of surgery. A lady that is a teacher had carpel tunnel syndrome and since being prayed for God has healed her wrist. Another lady had a blood disorder for which God corrected. Another knee was totally restored on one of our ladies. This is just a short summary of the wonderful things that are happening at New Beginnings of DeRidder. So every sacrifice that was made for the Prophecy Conference and every penny that was spent was well worth it. So let me encourage you that if you want a true genuine operation of the Holy Ghost, Bro. Ashcraft and Bro. Leach's ministries are 100% apostolic. I thank God that they are sensitive to the needs of God's people and allow God to use them in a mighty way. Please pray for us as we continue to pray for you.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Pastor Marcus O. Wade

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