Fly To Heaven pt.2 (Mary McCreary-Butterflies In Heaven )- Breast Cancer Tribute

IF YOU SUPPORT BREAST CANCER PRESS THE LIKE BUTTON ON YOUTUBE! (watch it on youtube to press like button) Pass it on! A Must See Video!!!!! Is it A Butterfly or an Angel? Dedicated to my aunty Pat and also dedicated to those who have lost a love one, family

member or friend to Breast Cancer! Still believe!!!!!! A Must See Video, some say its an Angel, some say its a Butterfly. There are also many other things that appear in the sky. GOD BLESS! (Yeshua) Jesus is Lord!!!! Recorded on 10/4/10 -4:08pm In Atlanta,
Ga. By Jarvis Evans. Copy link to watch full video of: Fly To Heaven pt.1 (Mariah Carey - Butterfly)- Breast Cancer Tribute Copy link to watch full video of: Heavens Gate & The Angel Standing by the Throne! Follow Jarvis Evans on Twitter:

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