You're The Reason Why I Fly!

This hot new and uplifting song has soul, fire, hip hop and inspiration! Enjoy!

You're the Reason I Fly!

life ain't been no crystal stair
born into a world that was so unfair
aint no time for slumpin in my chair
I visualize good and you take me there
You're always there, to inspire
I tap into your word and rise higher

Sometimes it seems like life is through
But that all changes when I think of you
I pray meditate and soul commune
and hope with all my heart I'll see you soon
So every day I turn my bible pages
from proverbs on to genesis
and revelations, I need a revolution
remembering you is the best solution

I've been looking around and you were here all the time

break it down and build it back up!

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Drops on 2/29/11
and Itunes 03/7/2011
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