You Gotta Praise Him! (Gospel House/Dance Music)

You Gotta Praise Him! (Gospel House/Dance Music)

"This Gospel Dance hit is in the tradition of Kirk Franklin" It rocks!

After working hard and grinding and going through trials and tribulations, we have to take time to pause and relfect. This was the inspiration for the creation of this song. Kamal has successfullly fused his creative dance music production skills with his knack for positive rap, spoken word and his love for God! You'll love it!

"They say time is money and money is time

so every day I be on my grind

In the world striving to get mine

pursuing my goals manifesting my dreams

hustlin hard but sometimes it seems

Like somethings missing

then I listen in -

to the God within

I gottta give thanks to whom I depend

and I must not forget to praise him

It's hard out here so I perservere

I keep it moving -faith over fear

some judge my actions -it's not your job

at the end of the day- the judge is God

Thank god for your life and know that your blessed

ask him for guidance - he'll do the rest

You need the most high- he's your best friend

So give thanks and praise him

and have a celebration"


Background vocals by D'Layna

Co Production courtesy of Vincent Kwok

RevolutionaryArt Innertainment (8/23/10)

Kamal Imani c 2010 I give thanks to the Most High