27. Matthew Lesson 27 Chapter 26:1-35 The Passover Jesus Models Love

Jesus Anointed at Bethany Mary sister of Martha takes her greatest possession, but she knew Jesus was going to die. She gave everything and Jesus commends her. She had the revelation, understanding, passion is blessing him now, rather than anointing a dead body and worshiping him now. The Passover dinner with Jesus, and then of course it was that night that Judas came in the garden of Gethsemane, and the following day, which would have been the day of the feast of the Passover, is when Jesus was crucified. Jesus is saying is that as we walk this path through the world, we may pick up and encounter bad things just from the contact walking through the world. But that uncleaness is only surface; it isn't in the head, it isn't in the mind, it isn't in my life, it's just washing the feet. As long as your feet are washed, that's all you need. Your heart is already clean.

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