When the Towers Rise Again

"When The Towers Rise Again" was written to Honor the Heroes and Victims of the 9-11 terror attacks.

It is almost ten years since the horrific events of that day changed the world for ever and emphasized, sadly once again, that there is Evil in the world.......Just as important is the understanding that Evil will Always be Defeated by Good.

"Towers" is not a song which looks Back to that September day, but looks Forward to the time when a new monument to Freedom and Life will rise from the foundation which is built upon the Souls of those whose lives were taken and upon the Souls of those whose lives were given, in Sacrifice.

We can Never re-build a material structure which will ever rival the Strength, Integrity, or Courage, which came from the Hearts of those who now dwell in Freedom's Light.

It is my Hope that "Towers" will bring Healing to the families who lost their loved ones and bring Healing, even if in some small way, to a world which so desperately yearns for Peace.

..................We Will NEVER Forget Their Sacrifice!!

God Bless America!

Anthony Siino

Sherry Ottoson


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