IT IS FINISHED 3. Part 1. Upcoming on JESUS Be Set Free TV, real be set free tv

In this Upcoming attraction IT IS FINISHED,( part 5 of a 6 part series )on JESUS Be Set Free TV which is real be set free tv aired on Spirit Word Channel Mon 21h00, Tue 20h30 repeated Sun 09h00 you will see Robbie filmed on location in Ventersdorp teaching on the completeness of the Cross. When Jesus said it was fin...ished, He meant it.

Jesus said on the cross it is finished. His gracious generosity is now in place Poverty is finished. He was was so very rich became poor so that I whom are impoverished are able to become rich.2 Co.8:9.

You are now a King and priest. Rev 1:5,6.The way was closed now it is opened. You can now come into His Presence thru the veil of his flesh that was torn for you. Your seperation from your Father is finshed.Heb 10:19-21. Sin is Finished. GRACE is not a license to sin, but a way out of sin teaching us to reject all unGodliness. Titus 2:11,12.

the whole series is available on click store for the fascinating 6 part dvd series or MP3.

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