It is finished 1. Part 1

What was Jesus saying on the Cross when he said It is Finished in this 6 message series Dr Robbie exposes at least 15 finished works that man still do not beleive are finished. This leads to a false feeding of inaccurate doctrines and no freedom .

Sin was finished. He became and forgace our sin.

Sickness was finisehd.

Unrighteousness was finished, we now made Righteous.

Curses where finished. He became a curse for us.

The devil was finshed.

The law was finished. Jesus fulfilled it.

If you beleive the Cross is complete, why then do some still think they are a sinners, why do some still want to renounce generational curses curses, why then do some still blame the devil for everyhing instead of taking resoonsibility for their actions.

Why then do so many want to take us back into the law so that we need to do things to be accepted by GOD. We are now in Grace. it is now what we have or can do, it is what He has done for us - JUST RECEIVE

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