Where The Ground Is Even (3 Min. Innovo Premiere)

In Where The Ground Is Even: A Christmas In The Arizona High Country, readers join a band of uniquely diverse sojourners, each with his own agenda, who converge on the small town of Flagstaff, Arizona, in the days before Christmas of 1881.

Three Navajos ride from the east toward a white man's world of which they are suspicious. Two carefree but pining sheepherders walk through heavy snow from the west. A young family, the man wounded and the woman full with child, move north desperately ahead of a rage-filled

cattleman and his men. A young, rakish deputy sheriff rides up from the southwest in pursuit of a wanted man. All converge at the foot of the San Francisco Mountains where their lives become forever intertwined.

Armour was born in New Orleans and grew up in Texas. He has worked on several ranches

in the trans-Pecos region of western Texas and spent time in the saddle on five continents, more than enough time in the saddle in wild country to realize the Majesty of God, the temporality of human endeavor, the triviality of pomp and circumstance, the futility of greed, and the remarkable behavioral semblance of mankind and sheep.

Armour welcomes the opportunity to make appearances for book signings and radio interviews and may be reached through Innovo Publishing at [email protected]

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