Matthew West - Story of Your Life Teaser

It’s time to make a new record. It has been an amazing ride with the last one, Something to Say, and I’m so thankful for the people who have welcomed my songs into your lives. I’ve been thinking and praying about what God wants to say through the songs on the next record and I keep coming back to this one idea that I want to share with you. My songs have always been inspired by real life and moments that move me to write about them. Joy, pain, struggles, victories, loss, and people I meet along the way are all ingredients to the songs I write.

Something to Say was written in the hopes of encouraging you that you really do have something to say. You matter. God has created you to live a life that will tell a story of His love to the world in a unique and amazing way. I see now that these lyrics from the last record were pointing the way to where I would be heading with the next album: “Your life is the song that you sing, and the whole wide world is listening.”

The next record is going to be called The Story of your Life. Every song on this record is going to be inspired by the stories of your lives. I will be giving you a chance to write to me and submit your story. The story can be about anything. A defining moment in your life. A difficult time you’ve faced. Your own personal testimony. Or even what God means to you. It could be anything. There are no boundaries or limitations.

Several months ago I had a vision of the inside of a cabin with thousands of stories from people printed out and spread all over the tables and floors and couches and chairs. I had a vision that I would be there in the cabin, reading the stories, praying for inspiration, and writing like crazy. That vision is about to become a reality. As I collect all of your stories, I am spending March and April in a cabin in Tennessee reading your stories and writing The Story of Your Life. I excited to see what kinds of songs come out of this experience, and

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