Elaine's Exciting Ride with Big D

This is one of my very best friends who wanted a ride on the bike, but didn't want to hold the camera for the ride...that was a good call because on the way to my house, and I'm embarrassed to say that I ran out of gas! That's right, it only costs like 8 bucks to FILL the tank, but alas, I ran out. First, when I knew were were almost out, I gunned the bike so we might be able to coast to the gas station on the corner. Elaine was a trooper though. Still, we didn't make it to the gas station by coasting, but by PRAYER! God had mercy on both of us, and was willing to speak to what was not as if it was! We prayed, the bike started, we made it to the gas station, then home on busy Cortez Road. Good thing she wasn't worried about holding that dumb camera:)

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