LIGHT UP THE SKY Music Video. Must See! The Afters HD

Set in the last days in the battle of Armageddon / Megiddo; evil takes its last stand as the dominant force in the world. Soldiers in Camouflage and green (U.S. etc) are on the good side, and soldiers in black and red are from the evil one.

0:29 satan calls up the powers of darkness to destroy the good side
0:43 The good side begins to retreat (Camo uniforms)
0:56 Sun turns dark
1:24 Evil is destroying all Good.
1:35 Good Soldier blows up a helicopter, who is then captured and seen again at 2:00 on his knees
1:48 Almost all good side is destroyed, hope is fading,
1:50 Friend falls and gets hurt
2:09 Takes friend to safe place, takes out Bible and starts reading, evil soldier comes up with gun.
2:26 satan says he is lord.
2:30 he is proven wrong

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Light Up The Sky, Music Video, by The Afters, edited by Kyle Perry

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