Brandon Heath - Your Love

This is Your Love by Brandon Heath. Recently bought his new album Leaving Eden and have heard this song on the local radio station WBGL quite a bit. Very catchy and fun song; good lyrics, thought I'd put together a cover of it. Thanks to Brandon Heath for writing meaningful and catchy songs such as Your Love.



I felt it first when I was younger
A strange connection to the light
I tried to satisfy the hunger
I never got it right
I never got it right

So I climbed a mountain and l built an altar
Looked out as far as I could see
And everyday I'm getting older
I'm running outta dreams
I'm running outta dreams

But Your love
Your love
The only the thing that matters is Your love
Your love is all I have to give
Your love is enough to light up the darkness
It's Your love
Your love
all I ever needed is Your love

You know the effort I have given
And you know

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