The Couples of SOS Estates - Trailer

For more log on to: The Couples of the SOS Estates bring a human touch to Dr. Jeremiah’s new series based on the Song of Solomon, What the Bible Says About Love, Marriage, and Sex. The comedy behind the six unique, comedic

couples interviewed for this series helps break the ice when tackling tough issues about marriage. So welcome to SOS ESTATES! Meet the over-the-top lovebirds, Dan and Jan! Stay out of the way of the cantankerous duo, Gus and Gladys. Have a cup of coffee with
country bumpkins, Dwayne and Peanut. Pass the time with the out-of-sight pair, Sky and Meadow. Get involved in deep conversation with Phil and Phyllis. And hear an earful from Blanche, but nothing from her husband Buzz. Keywords: David Jeremiah, Turning Point, Song of Solomon

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