Protection for the Pilgrim: Psalm 121. I Will Lift Up My Eyes

Psalm 121. With the Lord's blessing, the 3rd of our Psalms readings!

Thanks to my sister in Christ, Christa Rosier, for use of her Psalms Paintings: The central theme of this painting is the doorway. The entrance shows a way in and way out, depicting God's 'watch over our coming and going'. The footsteps are planted straight and firm - never wavering as the gatekeeper keeps us on track. On the door are 2 letters in Hebrew, from right to left: the Aleph and the Taw (in Greek, Alpha and Omega). God, the Eternal One, the Beginning and the End. On the left side is a key to represent God's ability to unlock the deepest part of our beings where no one else can enter. On the right side, half-seen, is a lightbearing lamp, again essential to the gatekeeper. Menorah provides light in the night. Also, seen in the painting, by day the sun is casting shadows from its branches to provide welcome shade at midday. At the top of the painting we see distant mountains, depicting a 24 hour time span.

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