A message to Christians in America

A little over a week ago I felt led to write this message out and then make a video of it to send out to America. This is a call to repentance for us all (myself included) We must remember the 10 commandments, ALL 10 OF THEM. Obedience is not legalism, it should be the loving response of a life redeemed! I struggle, I fall, I get back up and take Christ's hand. Will we follow Christ, or will we wallow in the mud of the world?

The verse added to this is Micah 6:8 please read the rest of that book and take it to heart! May God show us mercy and open our eyes, our hearts and our ears, and renew our minds. I've heard from some this video is hard to hear, so I also placed it as a blog, if anyone feels lead by God to read it, here is the link: http://www.tangle.com/ajfuller1/blog/view/50180

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