After the Last Tear Falls ~ Andrew Peterson

* Song: After the Last Tear Falls * By: Andrew Peterson * Album: Love and Thunder (2003) ~ I finished up this Sunday afternoon and just got to save it before I had to head out to pick up a sick boy. While waiting outside for my brother to come by with my car, I looked up toward the sky, and only thing I could whisper was: *one day I will be home, one day I will be home God. But I know my time here is not over yet* Had some of the same thoughts later that evening sitting in the couch holding a fever-warm boy... *one day he will experience what it is to be completely healthy, one day we will all be home* (he is chronic ill). When we were driving home we talked a little, and one of the things he told me was that * I have said YES to Jesus, He is in my heart* and suddenly it comes that we have to pray for the people in the car in front of us, because they were moving (full-loaded car). We did, and I also asked if we should pray for him, my 4,5 year old boy replies *Jesus has taken it already!* One day there will be no more tears, sorrow nor pain... after the last tear falls, there is love

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