Foundations of Community Developement (FCD)

The aim of the FCD (Foundations in Community Development) is to equip students to understand the process of transformation, learning to serve both the practical and spiritual needs of people. We will focus on how to mobilize people within their communities, to improve their physical, social, intellectual and spiritual quality of life. Our foundation is a biblical understanding of the causes of poverty and what steps must be taken towards solving them

Many times when we think of (Community Development) we think of projects or latrines. Although we touch on both of those subjects within the school the heart of the school is way beyond that. Our heart is to transform students so that they are prepared for long-ministry in any part of the world and to be successful. The curriculum was written to help equip long-term missionaries out in the field and to maintain them there with success.

Any believer that feels that God has called them to bring the transforming power of truth into the world must first learn and live it. Through these principles with a heavy focus on Biblical Worldview we hope see God's vision successfully completed around the world, transforming all aspects of society by, "teaching them everything I have taught you, and to obey it", the words of Jesus. It's time that we find a complete dependency on God for all that we do!

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