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Carolina Circle Mall

1976 - 2005

About CCM (Carolina Circle Mall):

Carolina Circle Mall was located on U.S. 29 and Cone Boulevard in the northern section of Greensboro. It was considered as family friendly, the mall over the years had an ice skating rink, game room, movie theater with six screens, toy stores, and at one time, a teen disco called Current Event.The first store at the mall that opened to the public in February 1976, which was the popular southern department store chain, Charlotte based Belk Stores. The official grand opening for the rest of the mall was held on August 4, 1976. Twenty-two stores open on that day including Montgomery Ward and Ivey's first Greensboro department store.In the early eighties, a restaurant/bar that overlooked the ice rink named Annabelle's was considered to be the place for the "yuppie crowd" of northern Greensboro. Annabelle's decor was reminiscent of an old inn, and the bar and restaurant was packed many nights, especially weekends where at times there was over an hour wait to be seated. Another

popular place to eat at Carolina Circle Mall included Piccadilly Cafeteria, which even hosted a Saturday morning radio broadcast featuring George Perry, who played The Old Rebel on WFMY-2, and Bob Poole, an announcer on WBIG-AM (which was the station that carried the show).In later years, in 1988, mall owners eventually removed the ice skating rink and replaced it with a $250,000 carousel, much to the dismay of area skaters who frequented the mall, especially on weekends. The addition of a skateboard park on the eastern mall property near the waterslide also contributed to the family friendly atmosphere, although it was a constant source of complaints due the stench from a wastewater treatment plant that was located behind the mall property.The mall did well for about fourteen years, keeping the spaces rented and most customers happy, but it appears that the mall's de

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