THE PRINCIPLES OF THIS WORLD is message based on Col 2:8, 20 and Gal 4:3 by Dr. David Sheppard, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of St. Charles, Mo. For more about FBCSC, go to Note: Our website is not yet compatible with IE8. Introduction: Sixty years ago two friends chose opposite roads that impacted their lives and the lives of millions for eternity. One, Chuck Templeton, rejected the Bible as the infallible word of God and spent his life trying to disprove the accuracy of the Bible. He had two failed marriages and died as a broken defeated man. The second staked his life on the truth of God's word. He decided early that he would accept by faith that which he could not reason in his intellect. Billy Graham spent the rest of his life preaching to more people than any other preacher in history. His legacy remains intact to this day as he waits to go home.

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