Piano Accompaniment for Church Hymns

Piano Accompaniment for Church Hymns

When a team of musicians and technical experts came together with over 200 years of combined experience in worship music, what happened?

The world's first all inclusive accompaniment tool was created.

The m.a.c.

musical accompaniment for church

With the m.a.c. you can quit making those last minute phone calls trying to find a piano player

And you can rid yourself of the stress of worship services without music

Now… you'll never be without a piano player again, because m.a.c. is the piano player that never gets sick and never takes a vacation, it's on time every time.

m.a.c. provides hundreds of beautifully recorded accompaniments in a variety of music styles.

Traditional …. Southern Gospel…. Contemporary…. And even Praise and Worship.

AND, the sound on m.a.c.'s integrated Bose sound system is so good you'll wonder where the musicians are.

m.a.c. gets it right the first time because there are no tapes to rewind and no guessing which track to play.

The index of accompaniments is displayed right on the user friendly podium screen. Just click on a selection and the music starts playing.

It's as easy to use as opening a hymnal...

You can customize the music selections to fit your needs

And the m.a.c. comes with several options.

The karaoke option is a fun way to get people of all ages involved in church music

The Portable m.a.c. is another option. It's perfect for jail ministries, nursing homes and other remote locations. It is light weight and easily to transport. This makes the Portable m.a.c. an ideal tool for missionaries.

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