Dreadlocks Ron Artis: Slow Down

The Artis Family Performing Some Real solid Groove Raggae

It's showtime with Ron Artis wearing a reggae wig to portray his dreadlock character while he performs his new reggae song to help people get off caffeine. Ron and the kids love to have fun together everyday . Ron II is using a unique voice for his character. Thunderstorm is way to cool playing percussions. Mother Victoria can be seen walking around checking on the other children , a mother's work is never done.
Ron Artis (Piano, Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals)
Ron Artis II (Guitar, Vocals)
Victor Artis (Bass)
Stevon Artis (Drums)
PraiseJesus Artis (Hammond B3)
Thunderstorm Artis (Percussions)
visit: ronartis.com

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