We are GCN (2) - Manmin Central Church / Rev.Dr.Jaerock Lee

Jean Claude Mukadi, Missionary Batzorig Pvrev and John Otieno etc

1.Opening a Day with the Word

See Everything in Goodness / Luke 6:45

2.World Testimonies

Jean Claude Mukadi/ healed of diabetes by the power of God

we will meet Jean Claude Mukadi who was healed of diabetes by the power of God.

Missionary Batzorig Pvrev/ Healed of Athlete"s foot by the power of God

We will hear the touching testimony of Missionary Batzorig Purev who was healed of athlete"s foot after receiving the prayer with faith on GCN-Manmin TV

John Otieno / Protected from a traffic accident, Brother Jong-il Lee protected from roll-over, Deacon Hunbaek Choe /Protected in a traffic accident


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