Ask seek knock

How many times have you ask God for something but there seemed to be no reply? Well the truth of the matter is that God always answers but the question is are you really listening to him or want you want to hear? No maybe you are really listening but so what, now the real question is if you have asked are you seeking and if your seeking are you knocking at the door of his heart. God desires perseverance and persistence he wants to see how bad you really want what you ask for. The truth is you better be asking to know him, seeking to find him, and knocking at the doors of his heart to even be heard. Consider that you prayers are not answered because you desire selfish things and your only using the one who loves you with everything. He gave his life to have and hold you in his arms and you never spend quality time with him your heart is given over to world things like television, facebook, laziness, slumber, gluttony ,and lust. Wake up if your not serious about knowing him the live how you desire don't be in the middle because with God there is no middle. He is willing to answer every single prayer but your heart must draw closer and closer to his so you can know his desires first. That's the power of his loves that he would allow his beautiful word to dwell in our heart that we would have the power to ask and receive whatever we desire. Email me and please leave comments.

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