The Cure Trailer

Trailer for my End of Year Project (2009) at Lifeway Animation New Zealand, doing the diploma in 3d Animation Course. Not finished yet!! Lotta work!! VERY VERY busy!

For updates on the project visit:


some work updates on:

Its primarily my project but i am directing a team of 5 people, who are also doing their own work.

Team Members:

Rory Lassen - Modelling & Texturing - Older Brother Character

Gibson Hickey - Modelling & Texturing - Younger Brother Character and Main Props

Paul Vloothuis - Animation & Prop Concepts - Animating 10ish percent of the short

Jonathan Hamer - Modelling & Texturing & Concept s - Beast Character, all Character Concepts & Environment Concepts, Mood Board/Colour Board

Luke Swasbrook - Fire Effects & Modelling & Texturing - All Fire Effects and Tombstone Model

And myself! =P Jonathan Mafi - Modelling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing, Editing, Sound and all technical aspects like scripting, troubleshooting etc

I animated 90ish percent of the short(coming soon =D)

I also created an auto-rig using melscript and various scripts to help the pipeline and make working as efficient as possible

Programs used:


3d Studio Max



After Effects




Open Office (scheduling & Planning)

& foobar for listening to music!! =P

(The short isnt quite colour corrected and shots arent final)

Pray for me and my wife as i enter this industry.

May God use us.

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