Friendship Counseling Center, Pastor Dennis Hamsher

Friendship Counseling Center is a Biblically based Christian Counseling Center which provides professional Christian counseling for the Dover, York County area of Pennsylvania. We offer a Christ-centered approach to counseling--hope and help for those dealing with difficult times in their lives.

Support is currently provided in the areas of Premarital Planning, Anger Management, Grief and Loss, Relationship Issues, Dealing with Low self-esteem, Personal Struggles, as well as Co-Dependency issues. All ages can receive counseling. Pastoral Counselor Dennis Hamsher is a gifted Biblical Counselor and has successfully handled an expansive variety of counseling challenges during his career. Call 717-319-4151 for information and to schedule an appointment. Friendship Community Church is located at 3380 Fox Run Road, Dover, PA, 17315.

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