Safe ~ Phil Wickham

Safe in the arms of God is exactly how I have felt the last couple of weeks in a more special way than usual! I have never been as sick as I have the last 12 days. Day 2 I couldn't remember my own phone number (lol) and headache like a strong migraine. being alone with 2 boys make times like this really challenging - but God always grant us everything we need! In all this, I a week ago got a phone from the nearby hospital that I could get an appointment to my youngest Friday that was and if he was approved, surgery today. This on top of everything leaved me with one choice - just continue to keep trusting God to provide in all things, that He would finish what he had started and that included giving me strength! Surgery is over and everything went well, we are home and he is asleep, I am still smiling because the joy and peace I have had in heart these 2 weeks, surpasses all the challenges that has been! Safe in His arms for sure!

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