I Thought I was in Control

I thought I was in control

The things of yesterday, the things that I found pleasure in.

The sin's that I indulged in; they used to be my best friends

The lie's the lust; not being able to trust

When I think back at what I did, the things my flesh found pleasure in

I thought I was in control. Oh but how deceived I was, until Satan one day came to me, to say; time to pay me what you owe, your flesh your soul them I own.

The madness in my mind the light I couldn't find. Thinking out of time what would be my next crime, or the pleasure I would find, I thought I was in control so I went for a ride put the peddle to the metal in a car that wasn't mine. As I tried to stop the breaks would not apply, I thought I was going to die. Suddenly I realized I was not in control and even Satan would not help one of his own.

All this time even in my sinful life Christ was watching over me, it had never been me or the devil that control my destiny, escaping death's reality it is Christ that now lives in me.

My will and my way of doing things are part of history. And it is His story" the story of Christ, and it is His way and His will that saved my life.

I should have died, but He forgave renewed my soul so now I'm saved.

I thought I was in control, my destiny I, would unfold

But what I fool I was like a peace of metal I began to rust

I didn't know how to trust, couldn't even imagine their was someone who would care for me much less die for me. Oh my LORD it is You who wrote my life, before the sun and moon appeared; You knew I would be here.

You molded me out of the clay. You allowed me to try it my way,

I thought I was in control, but thank you God that you control

And continue to unfold all your will into my soul.

You forgave and you forgot the sinful man I us to be

You filled my

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