Sabbath is part of the New Covenant pt5 of 5

Sabbath is part of the New Covenant pt5 of 5

This video, which answers objection #2 that the Sabbath is not part of the New Covenant, seeks to dispell this myth. Part 1 introduces the biblical requirements for establishing a covenant; for if we do not know how a covenant is established we certainly will have a hard time discerning where it starts & what are its provisions. Other points made are:

1 That Christ did not destroy the Law, of which the Sabbath is a part. In fact, He clearly taught that was NOT His mission.

2 That Jesus, rather than eliminating the Sabbath, taught its proper observance; a wasted endeavor if the Sabbath was not going to be part of the New Covenant.

3 Christ told His disciples to be prayerful of an event that was to come about 40 years after His death & resurrection that it NOT occur on the Sabbath day. Why command them to do this if the Sabbath was to be eliminated for Christians at the cross?

4 That Luke speaks of the Sabbath day about 30 years after Christs death & resurrection.

5 That the New Testament refers to 84 Sabbaths being kept in the Book of Acts by the Apostles and other saved by grace Christians. Seems the Apostles were Sabbath keepers.

6 That Mary, Jesus own mother, was observing the Sabbath day, according to the commandment after Christ shed His blood and established the New Covenant.