Not everyone - January 21, 2010

Not everyone - January 21, 2010

Not everyone – January 21, 2010

My children it is time to seek to do My will, because not everyone who says to Me: LORD! LORD! will enter into My heavenly Kingdom in that day. Only those who obey Me and are busy doing My will and not their own, they will enter.

I will also say to many in that day: Go away from Me, I never knew you. I don't know everybody because they don't seek to get to know Me. I know My own, they obey and follow Me.

My children do you realize how narrow the Door is through which you will have to enter into heaven? Many will try to enter but will not be able. I am the narrow Door and I will decide who will enter, only few will enter.

My child, seek to be one of the few, strive very hard, because I warn today, that many will not be able to enter My heavenly Kingdom. I am holy and you must also be holy. No one with an unblemished garment will enter, only the spotless, the pure of heart. Take heed, without holiness no one will see Me, I change not.

Not all believers are My beloved children, only those who are led by My Spirit. Not everyone wants to be led by My Spirit, most follow others or do their own desires, not My will. They will be very disappointed in that day when I will not allow them entrance into My heavenly Kingdom, but it will be forever too late.

Don't wait, make sure for yourself today. You don't know, when will be your last day? Few, not everyone are ready and worthy to enter into My heavenly Kingdom, are you?