Lonely? - Received January 01, 2010

Lonely? – Received January 01, 2010

Do not feel lonely, depressed this day or any other day. Be of good courage, do not lose hope or focus.

Come and spend time with Me. I am there for you, always available. I never slumber nor sleep.

You don't even need to make an appointment. I am available right now, just where you are.

Come I am waiting for you. Do not hesitate but come to Me, I am the best company you will ever have, you cannot ask for better. I am more than enough.

I know your thoughts and hearts desires already, you cannot hide anything from Me. Just come like you are, I am waiting for you.

There is no partiality with Me. The one who comes to Me, I will not ignore or send away disappointed. I am faithful and love you all.

You are not lonely because you have Me, I am with you always to the end. Just come and spend time with Me and you will never be lonely again.

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