Charles - WWII War Veteran's Battle Praise - Bethel No. 2 A.P.C. - Video # 1

Soon to Be 82 Years Young in January!

Brother Charles is Sister Susan's Dad.

A WWII War Veteran Who Visited Bethel.

His Praise Spoke Volumes!

Easily Recognizable in His Praise is His Military Background.

This Would Be Called a

"Battle Praise"

If you are a WWII Veteran and think you know Charles please contact Bethel No. 2. We will get you in touch with him through his daughter Susan.

Thank you.

Visit Bethel online at:

You are welcomed to also visit Bethel in person at:

Bethel No 2 A.P. Church

2319 Quebec Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45214

Dr. Bishop Anthony Hill: Pastor

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