IS YOUR FAITH BASED ON FACT OR FICTION? - Pt 1 of 2 - By: Calvin Bergsma

What person, if they will be honest with themselves, would not like Gods fullest blessings upon their lives at any given time? In our seeking to know more about God, it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the importance of HOW to BEST posture ourselves to be in a position to most EFFECTIVELY motivate God to WANT to increasingly bless us. In this message given by brother Calvin Bergsma, God is communicating to us that if we do not build our belief system on HIS reality of matters, we are doing ourselves a HUGE disfavor, because if we either knowingly or unknowingly build our BELIEFS on anything but GODS reality of matters, we will NOT be in the best postion to receive GODS increasing blessings upon our life, no matter how much we would like them.

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