My sheep - Received December 24, 2009

My sheep – Received December 24, 2009

My sheep hear My voice and they follow Me and not strangers. They run away from strangers and danger.

I know My sheep by their names, I am not a stranger to them. They stay close to Me because I am the Good Shepherd and will never abandon My sheep. I take care of each one of them and protect them from harm and danger. I never leave them nor forsake them. I am always available for them, I never slumber nor go to sleep. I keep watch over them day and night. They know that with Me they are safe and secure, nothing to fear because I am with them all the time.

Not all are My sheep or belong to My flock. I know who belongs to Me and who not.

I give My life for My sheep, I am the only Good Shepherd who loves and cares for each one of My sheep Myself. I will warn and rescue them from danger. I will not allow the wolves to get hold of them, if they stay close to Me, listen and obey My voice and don't stray or follow after strangers.

Are you one of My sheep? Do you hear My voice for yourself and do you follow Me? Only those who truly follow Me are My sheep.

Now is the time to make sure that you are one of My sheep, that I know you and that you hear My voice for yourself and follow Me and not strangers. It is perilous times and only those sheep that stay close to Me and follow Me will be safe and secure.

I call My sheep out amongst the rest. I will be their Good Shepherd Myself and not strangers. Come follow Me.

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