Accomplish My purpose - Received December 27, 2009

Accomplish My purpose – Received December 27, 2009

My children it is My Kingdom and My purpose will be accomplished and not that of any one else. I am in control, My purpose will be done at My appointed time. There is a time set for everything. I know it all.

I am the only One you have to please and to fear, no one else. I will be the righteous Judge and will judge in truth and righteousness.

Do not seek to please any man, then you will compromise the truth for lies and not accomplish My purpose. You must be steadfast and boldly proclaim the things that I reveal to you. Accomplish My purpose not that of any man. Do not fear anyone, they cannot do anything to you that I do not allow. Be faithful to Me.

It is not a time to lose hope or to draw back, be confident, spread the truth to a wicked generation who fear Me not, because they don't know Me yet, they have no knowledge of Me. Many will perish because of their lack of knowledge for who I really am and what I am able to do.

Stay steadfast, do not give in or up, no matter what comes your way. The truth sets free, not lies. Be My truth warriors in these dark days. Let My Light shine more and more in and through you so that those around you will see the Light.

My children, My purpose will be accomplish in this time. Nobody is able to stop My Kingdom. Seek for yourself to be part of My everlasting Kingdom. I do not force any one, I use the willing, submissive ones to accomplish My purpose. I share My glory with no one. I am the King of kings and Lord of lords.

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