Ominous storm clouds are gathering on the distance horizon, especially in America. People are becoming disillusioned on far too many fronts with what they see unfolding, yet the ONE thing God says for His people to DO when they see evil encroaching all about them, and even evil in their OWN RANKS, is to HUMBLE THEMSELVES AND PRAY – frequently, corporately as well as individually, passionately.

Prayer is not easy to our flesh, but it is a MIGHTY weapon God has given His people to use to accomplish His will on earth and in a nation and in a local church assembly, and if Gods people refuse to USE that weapon, they truly should not be surprised when they try playing catch-up once evil begins overtaking them more and more.

When God hears and sees us praying unselfishly; praying against evil; God sees that as a GREAT sacrificial act of HUMILITY, and God ALWAYS honors humility. (Fasting likewise is an act of GREAT humility to God).

In prayer, for Gods will to be done in our cities and nation, God will begin to motivate us to walk in greater obedience to Him in our personal relationship with Him. He will cause deliverance of discouragement and hopeless and fear to subside, and greater faith will replace it! Miracles happen when Gods people pray. Miracles do NOT happen when Gods people do NOT pray – especially when they stop praying corporately.

God is raising up more and more prophetic voices, sounding the message to Christians: PRAY! Make it a point to come together more often corporately in prayer wherever you live. The more you and your Christian brothers and sisters give yourself to corporate prayer, the easier it becomes to keep you personal prayer life energized.

Calvin does great justice to this CRUCIAL topic God is shouting to His people: PRAY! IT'S THE MOST SENSIBLE THING WE CAN DO TO HOLD BACK EVIL THAT IS GROWING IN OUR LAND!

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