Engage: Kings (Preview)

Engage is a new style of Bible study-short films that say, "this is really where I'm at," but doesn't leave you there. Each study looks at real topics that matter-uncertainty, grief, loneliness, purpose, hope, and more. Join author and speaker Rev. Kurt Klaus as he unpacks real stories that will challenge the way you think and may even question the way you feel, but with a purpose: to learn more about the profound love God has for you through His Son.

Ever felt alone in a crowded room? While sitting on the side of your bed in a hotel room? While sitting in a corner, curled up into a ball? You're not the only one. We all need healthy human companionships, meaningful relationships, and genuine friendships with other people. And when we don't get what we need, things can go wrong. Terribly wrong. What if you had a friend, a real friend, at every place on earth you would ever choose to go? How would that impact your life, especially if you were feeling lonely? Do you know someone who needs such a friend?

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