The story of Sister Irene McCormack

The story of Sister Irene McCormack

Dedicated To The Memory Of Irene McCormack

They dragged Sister Irene and four local men to the Mountain Village Square

And after a brief sham trial the five were murdered there

Found guilty by 'The Shining Path' of helping those in poverty

Another shameful episode in human history.

On behalf of the Sisters of St Joseph such a fine job she did do

For the poor of Huasahuasi in the mountains of Peru

She gave alms to the needy and taught their children how to read and write

But the dark forces of evil took her life just out of spite.

In ninety one when she was in her early fifties on the twenty first of May

The terrorists came to Huasahuasi at the twilight of the day

And on Irene McCormack and her co missionaries they shed some of their hate

How come such good and caring people met with such an awful fate? .

Far from her childhood home in Kununoppin Western Australia more than half a World away

Amongst her beloved people the bones of Irene lay

Her dying wish to be buried where such great happiness she'd known

Near her beloved people who now claim her as their own.

To her corporal works of mercy to the end she remained true

And her soul will live forever in Huasahuasi in Peru

She did not seek power and glory and she did not crave pomp or fame

Just to help the poor and needy in life was her only aim.

Francis Duggan

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