See and hear - Received December 05, 2009

See and hear - Received December 05, 2009

My child you need to see as I see and hear from Me. Focus yourself totally on Me so that you will be able to hear My Spirit and fulfill My purpose for this time, it will never be again. I am in control and My plans are the best and will come in fulfillment at My appointed time.

Do you see My plans and hear My Spirit revealing these hidden things to you that are yet to come? My children will never be in darkness. If you listen and obey, My Spirit will guide and lead you every step of the way to the end.

Ask Me to open your spiritual eyes and ears so that you will be able to see and hear the things above, that matters, about My everlasting Kingdom. The things of this world will not last, soon it will be no more.

Many do not see because satan has blinded them. They do not hear because satan has also made them deaf for My Spirit. They rather listen to satan's lies, he has deceived many, they are in darkness. They cannot see nor hear.

Those who are pure of heart will see Me, those who pay attention and listen will hear My voice. Those who are guided and led by My Spirit they are My sons and daughters. They will be able to fulfill My will. Do you see and hear? Obey Me.

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