Singer DG play his original song, bottleneck-slide blues guitar at San Francisc0's Pier 39. --- LYRICS --- Blues of Heaven --- I have sung this song, Lord, all my life --- It just keeps on a�rolling through all the love and strife --- When I get to my long home�it�s gonna sound just right --- These are the blues of heaven from Texas to St Lou --- And all around this world of green and blue --- And though the sun might go down�you can still hear these sweet blues --- You can say that it sounds just like the same old song --- But I must do what�s right, Lord, I have done enough wrong --- And God does love,�every day and all day long --- I will run like a stallion, and sing like a dove --- With a song in my heart, and strength from above --- And when you sign my name,�sign it �Just Love� --- Feel like a burst of sun coming through the clouds --- I pray everyday that I don�t get so proud --- And let my flesh and my eyes�lose this old dark shroud --- Don�t have a mind to ramble, just to go somewhere --- Everything I need you know is right here --- The next time I move just might be�through the air --- by Don Garrett ©2000 Don Garrett (dg ink) --- Recorded by Don Garrett on Just Love CD, available at

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